USS Cairo

USS Cairo was one of the first American ironclad warships built at the beginning of the U.S. Civil War. Cairo was the lead ship of the City-class gunboats and named for Cairo, Illinois. In June 1862, she captured the Confederategarrison of Fort Pillow on the Mississippi, enabling Union forces to occupy Memphis. As part of the Yazoo Pass Expedition, she was sunk on 12 December 1862, while clearing mines for the attack on Haines Bluff. Cairo was the … Continue reading USS Cairo

Vicksburg, MS

Visited the Civil war site at Vicksburg today, quiet a large area bordering the river with the CSA back to the river and the Union Army on all it flanks, unfortunately I could not visit the entire site as the CSA encampments and monuments where closed due to erosion of the road the NPS. The … Continue reading Vicksburg, MS

Southfork Ranch Dallas the movie set

I have driven out to the southfork ranch which was part of the famous TV series starring Larry Hagman "DALLAS" which made I think 356 shows here. Firstly what a beautiful rural area, some of the nicest pastoral land I have seen in the south west, and some beautiful homes. Southfork Ranch is a beauty … Continue reading Southfork Ranch Dallas the movie set

Story so far

Have travelled across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to date covering some 4345 Klm to date. It's been interesting and sometimes amusing and frustrating. The food is different enough to help you loose some weight LOL. There is a distinct lack of wine or good wine to drink. Some of country is amazing, there is … Continue reading Story so far

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