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New Mexico is a southwestern U.S. state whose diverse terrain encompasses the Chihuahuan Desert and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Its capital, Santa Fe, founded in 1610, is known for upscale spas and Spanish colonial architecture. It’s also home to a vibrant arts scene, as well as the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, featuring the artist’s iconic New Mexican landscape paintings, and the open-air Santa Fe Opera.
Population2.088 million (2017)
Arrived in New Mexico and forgot about the time difference between AZ and NM, any way first night at Silver City at the Palace Hotel a charming little hotel in the middle of town. The township is full of arts and craft stores dedicated to local artists, there seems a thread of enthusiasm for acting and things theatrical around the township. Wandered the streets for a wall nothing opened on a Sunday morning. By the way nothing open past 9pm if you need a good meal. Moved on to the Gila Cliffs & PINOS ALTOS. While driving to Gil CLiffs, you do cross the Continental Divide, If you travel north out of Silver City, New Mexico toward the historic town of Pinos Altos, you will reach the continental divide at this particular spot marked as altitude 7080 feet sign. Like the pass on State Highway 90 south of Silver City, this pass is unnamed.