Fort Clark, Texas

Fort Clark was a frontier fort located just off U.S. Route 90 near Brackettville, in the county of Kinney, in the U.S. state of Texas. It later became the headquarters for the 2nd Cavalry Division. The Fort Clark Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 6, 1979.

It is now privately owned, but you can visit and drive through. Gift shop only open on Saturdays. Fantastic pool brilliant gardens great place and some fantastic buildings.



San Antonio

Had a twon ight stay here, booking into the Crockett Hotel on Bonham ST, SA. TX.

Great hotel good staff but shit breakfast. And not a chance in hell of getting a good cup of tea or a decent peice of toast with breakfast. Heh the city is amazing,  did the Alamo tour amazing place you when you sit and relect you can feel the spirits in the building and church. Great gardens fantastic museum and they had a guest shop.

Did the double decker bus tour of the city and heard about the stories of buildings and people in them now and from the past. Worth the $35 USD. ot over to Augies BBQ for TExas Ribs unbeleivably big ribs and nice. Late arvo jumped on the RIver boat ride only about 45 minutes, once again advertised $12USD but with a bottle of water came out at $16.50. The river boat tour is great and the driver informative.


The Judge Roy Beam and PECOS River

Drove inot Texas overnight, stayed in a place called Ozona at a roadside hotel which was extremely comfortable and cheap $70 USD. Called the Best American Ozona.

Drove on down to Langtry via the PECOS River Bridge crossing huge river gorge. Then down to Judge Roy Beam at Langtry Texas on the border with Mexico. One horse town, they say theres fuel but heh no FUEL. had to turn around and go back to Comstock and lucky they where open and had fuel otherwise may be still there. The Judge Roy Beam facility is a free museum run by the State of Texas and truly a credit to the the state and the people who run it and staff it.

Roswell, New Mexico


Have arrived in Roswell New Mexico, stayed at the Marriott needed a good night sleep and sure that here in Roswell, NM. The town is like a major city has huge car dealerships and people everywhere that are residents.

Very busy and very alive pedestrian and road traffic.

Had dinner at the Cattle Baron for Dinner on Main Street, I wouldnt reccommend it the steak was tasteless and 50% full of sinew. Then had prawns and bacon they had injected some sort of cheesey gravy into the prawn I ate them but boy they did not have any taste.

Going exploring today around Roswell hope to find ET………

Silver City, Pinos Altos, Gila Cliffs, WSMR

Full day today, did Silver City, Pinos Altos, Gila Cliffs, WSMR plus the drive throughs and quick looks at other places like Mescalero Apache Reservation, Casino and Ruidoso plus some other towns.

If you wanted to go picking some great spots to knock on doors, plenty to buy or collect. A lot of places closed today ebing a sunday all in all A great adventure.

WSMR Palace Hotel, GIla CLiffs, Silver City all where great, couldnt get a breakfast anywher every thing was closed. Got a Wendys Burger for linch in Lordsburg.


Just arrived Silver City, New Mexico

Just got in after a 300 mile plus run had to turn around and heard back to Green Valley left some things at hotel anyway shit happens.

Got here just in time they are one hour later than Arizona. Booked into the Palace Hotel and it’s got some age Bettina and history love it so far. No dinner tonight all restaurants are closed but found this great bar with Latin music it’s going off.

Have heaps to update so stay tuned.

Pima Air Museum, AMARG Boneyard & San Xavier Mission

After a pretty bad start to the day with a flat tyre, then no one could supply a new trye for the car and couldnt drive around with the emergency spare on, I hooked it back to the Airport and they cahnged it for a Ford Explorer. Off south I headed after about 2 hours of running around.

The day was long and fantastic. Finally arrived at PIMA with out a doubt one of the best aeroplane museums i have been to over 300 planes, four hangars and a fantstic walk in the desert heat. This is a must go and see for anyone just for the sheer specatcle of what man has built, engineered and what is now today preserved by these great folks.

Then headed over the AMARG Boneyard. there is now 3300 planes on site. Any palne that has a yellow star on it has a confirmed kill as a fighter jet. Unbleivable spot to visit. Guards are serious no carry abgs etc. And they confirm your identity. They are now cutting up 95 B52 and use F16 as rebulitl drones for training. Interesting tour.

Shot over to San Xavier Spanish Mission, was a great experinec unfortunately it was closed but did get a good walk around well worth the visit if your in the area.

Off to Tuscon

Was on time but hence a flat tyre in the middle of peak hour traffic in Phoenix, pulled into Uhaul depot waiting for road side assistance, can’t find the spare wheel in the dodge GT Durango!!

Got the boneyard tour at 2pm today so need to get on the road, was hoping to get a few sites in on the way.

They couldnt get me a tyre to replace the flat one at Alamos, i went to Firestone Tyre Shop they didnt have one either ended up driving back to airport and swapping car for another one now driving a Ford Explorer.



Travelling south from Phoenix where I will spend the first day, picking up a Cadillac from Alamo Car Rentals, staying at the Best Western in Phoenix, do some shopping and settle in for a good rest. Heading off to the Boneyard Tour at the USAF Base in Tuscon after a visit to the PIMA Air Museum. Later in the day will do St Xaviers Spanish mission and precinct.



Visit Albuquerque,
The Gas Monkey Bar’n’grill, Dallas TX,

Buckhorn Saloon and Operahouse PINOS ALTOS



Automobile Alley OKLAHOMA CITY,


Franklin Auto Museum,


Civil Rights Museum Alabama.



The Journey Begins

Starting on the 27th September 2018 and completely SOLO, visiting sites and places I’ve had in my minds eye all my life. Touring through Nine states in south eastern and western US States, travelling around 9000 kilometres.

Thanks for joining me!

This is going to be a trip of a lifetime, and it’s been on my bucket list for years.

Starting on the 27th September 2018 and driving some 10500 kilometres completely SOLO, visiting sites and places I’ve had in my mind’s eye all my life.

The PIMA Museum, TITAN Missile Museum, JFK and the Sixth Floor, Tombstone, PECOS, Judge Roy Beam, Casey Jones Railway Museum, The Texas Ranger Hall of fame, Houston Space Centre, Jack Daniels Distillery, Gracelands, Memphsis, Geroge Bush Presidential Library, South Fork Ranch, JFK, Santa Fe, Bill Clinton Library and The Alamo just to mention a few spots. Then when I get to route 66 there is the Manhattan Project in New Mexico which is just off the track I will rejoin Route 66 later and visit Winslow, Flagstaff and other places of interest on the way down to Phoenix, in late October 18.


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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton