Vicksburg, MS

Visited the Civil war site at Vicksburg today, quiet a large area bordering the river with the CSA back to the river and the Union Army on all it flanks, unfortunately I could not visit the entire site as the CSA encampments and monuments where closed due to erosion of the road the NPS.

The visit did start a little rocky due to some elderly ladies taken exception to me taking pictures with and my flash going off on the camera, I did hold my tongue and walked away a first for me.

Any way toured the site, the Americans seem to be very good at war and honouring those who have participated, I always support & respect any person involved in a conflict that causes destruction , mayhem, and loss of life and particuarly if they are defending their country from invasion. But where ever you seem to travel in the USA there is always an overwhelming tribute to war, military and anything that goes bang!

Anyway the Vicksburg Battle during the Civil War period began from the spring of 1862 until July 1863, during the American Civil War (1861-65), Union forces waged a campaign to take the Confederate stronghold of Vicksburg, Mississippi, which lay on the east bank of the Mississippi River, halfway between Memphis to the north and New Orleans to the south. The Siege of Vicksburg divided the Confederacy and proved the military genius of Union General Ulysses S. Grant.

Vicksburg was one of the Union’s most successful campaigns of the war. Although General Ulysses S. Grant’s first attempt to take the city failed in the winter of 1862-63, he renewed his efforts in the spring. Admiral David Porter had run his flotilla past the Vicksburg defenses in early May as Grant marched his army down the west bank of the river opposite Vicksburg, crossed back to Mississippi and drove toward Jackson. After defeating a Confederate force near Jackson, Grant turned back to Vicksburg. On May 16, he defeated a force under General John C. Pemberton at Champion Hill. Pemberton retreated back to Vicksburg, and Grant sealed the city by the end of May. In three weeks, Grant’s men marched 180 miles, won five battles and captured some 6,000 prisoners.

Grant made some attacks after bottling Vicksburg but found the Confederates well entrenched. Preparing for a long siege, his army constructed 15 miles of trenches and enclosed Pemberton’s force of 29,000 men inside the perimeter. It was only a matter of time before Grant, with 70,000 troops, captured Vicksburg. Attempts to rescue Pemberton and his force failed from both the east and west, and conditions for both military personnel and civilians deteriorated rapidly. Many residents moved to tunnels dug from the hillsides to escape the constant bombardments. Pemberton surrendered on July 4, and President Abraham Lincoln wrote that the Mississippi River “again goes unvexed to the sea.”

Today how they do allow people to live under freeways, beg at traffic lights, live in hovels and slums, have no basic medical care that they can afford, a story was related to me by a guy in Beadmall TX how it cost him $900 USD for 5 stitches in a finger at work one Saturday, how lucky are we in Australia to have the system and way of life we all enjoy.

God forbid our government doesn’t wake up soon and stop allowing American and foreign corporates to continue to buy our farms, businesses and influence our day to day life now and into the future.

In a short period of a couple of centuries, America has had the French Indian wars on the Canadian border with the English in support of the US Colonist, then the war of independence, Mexican wars, 1812 English and American war, the CSA/Union civil war, Spanish war, and all these before the 20th century and the list goes on today.


The tradegies of these result in scenes like these on beautiful vista’s on river banks, leas and meadows the country wide.

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Hi I'm Michael Kennedy from Brisbane QLD Australia, and this is a travel blog of my trip to the USA 2018.Driving a Cadillac from Phoenix via New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, OK, and back to Arizona around 5800 miles.

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