Story so far

Have travelled across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to date covering some 4345 Klm to date.

It’s been interesting and sometimes amusing and frustrating.

The food is different enough to help you loose some weight LOL.

There is a distinct lack of wine or good wine to drink.

Some of country is amazing, there is no wildlife except for the odd deer or squirrel.

The scenery in and around the continental divide was amazing.

The oil fields around Loving NM are a sign of greed and draining the earth of its resources to the detriment of the planet.

Arizona is heartland of MAD mutually assured destruction, weapons of mass destruction laying abandoned billions of dollars spent to keep a balance or ego/power tripping yanks?

Texas the lone star state is all on its own, it’s own identity, it’s own personality, it’s own way in the world.

Overall thus far it’s been illuminating and a great look see at a country that believe they are the dominant power players of the world, this is evident in their self promotion of sports, military, ethos and attitudes.

On the most part the people I have spoken with a generous in conversation but lacking in understanding of the rest of the world.

Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia are next part of the tour.

Author: thebigusadrive

Hi I'm Michael Kennedy from Brisbane QLD Australia, and this is a travel blog of my trip to the USA 2018.Driving a Cadillac from Phoenix via New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, OK, and back to Arizona around 5800 miles.

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