The Judge Roy Beam and PECOS River

Drove inot Texas overnight, stayed in a place called Ozona at a roadside hotel which was extremely comfortable and cheap $70 USD. Called the Best American Ozona.

Drove on down to Langtry via the PECOS River Bridge crossing huge river gorge. Then down to Judge Roy Beam at Langtry Texas on the border with Mexico. One horse town, they say theres fuel but heh no FUEL. had to turn around and go back to Comstock and lucky they where open and had fuel otherwise may be still there. The Judge Roy Beam facility is a free museum run by the State of Texas and truly a credit to the the state and the people who run it and staff it.

Author: thebigusadrive

Hi I'm Michael Kennedy from Brisbane QLD Australia, and this is a travel blog of my trip to the USA 2018.Driving a Cadillac from Phoenix via New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, OK, and back to Arizona around 5800 miles.

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